About me

About Lucas Parker

I was born in Montreal, but spent my first year or so in Spain. I grew up in beautiful Victoria, B.C., riding bikes, climbing trees, and scraping knees. I was lucky enough to have loving parents who exposed me to as many stimuli as possible, from music to literature to contact sports.

During my education, I met a handful of amazing teachers, coaches, and mentors that pushed me to pursue excellence in every avenue of my life. I believe that for Homo sapiens to flourish, we must strive for development in the physical realm and in the intellectual realm.

Our physical existence encompasses our health and our fitness: two aspects of life that are sadly neglected in the modern era. Physical excellence can be developed through training for competitive sport, or through free-form play as a child (or adult!). Conversely, it can be negated through soft, sedentary lifestyles where the only corporeal stimulation we seek comes in the form of some orally administered concoction of glucose, sodium, and lipids.

Most Westerners live their lives solely in the intellectual realm: getting an education, a desk job, listening to music, watching t.v. – these are all mind-based activities, and part of a balanced, happy life. However, it appears that most people have trouble finding this balance: if one were to spend a solid 3-4 hrs per week focused on physical improvement (through therapy, training, relaxation, nutrition… anything!) that accounts for approximately 3% of one’s waking hours – hardly balanced!

So, my hope in life is to bring people to an awareness and understanding of their physical existence as a member of a species on earth, and the joy inherent in this.

For more discussion on my journey into sport, or a look at the initial steps of my community building and charity efforts, take a look at the video links in the library.